Why not remain just a designer?

Jul 30, 2019 | 0 comments

I’ve been asking myself lately why did I start a branding and design studio? Why not continue to be an independent graphic designer, do some cool stuff and live a simple life?

For a long time I’ve focused on creating trendy and cool designs. My portfolio was my first priority. What a shame! I know. But that’s how things are. After I started freelancing in 2013, I began to take keen interest in logo design but soon I realised a logo design is only a part of a larger picture. There were other aspects such as the purpose, goals, positioning, tonality, target audience and so on that contributes to the brand and it’s identity.

During this period, I started encountering brands and businesses having a big disconnect between who they are and what they communicate. Their identity, purpose, positioning and communications didn’t match. This is quite common with startups and businesses who are sales and operations driven. Some clients had a very vague idea of their own brand. Those projects caused a lot of time loss and misunderstandings resulting in obvious disconnect in the visual identity. Some had a brand manual but no definite guidelines for marketing collaterals. Things like what type of visuals to use, what is the verbal tone, etc were not clearly defined. And there were some who wanted to market their brands but had an outdated and badly designed logo, with no clear brand positioning and purpose. That resulted in constant inconsistency in all communications.

These experiences made me cringe. I began to question myself. What can I do to help? Or should I just give what the client wants and move on to the next design project? It’s all about designing and building a beautiful portfolio, right? But then, what’s the purpose? What about my USP?

Gaius Creative was birthed from these retrospections and a growing passion to solve branding problems. Realising that there’s more to branding and marketing than just a beautifully crafted logo or a cool social media post, I began to expand my services and build a team partnering with strategists, marketers, content writers and designers.

Do I want to go back to being just a graphic designer? A part of me will always be a designer but I’m enjoying this new found passion and purpose. I only want to see this grow and influence people.

Gladvin Lawrence

Founder | Creative Director