Who are you?

Mar 6, 2020 | 0 comments

Dear Brand,

Who are you?
A Royal? Rebel?
The wise old lady? The joker?
The simpleton? A diva?
Or a cocktail of everything
One can think of?

Yours truly (not for long),

“Who are you?” Is one of the fundamental questions humans ask. The answer could be a simple “I am ……” and I’m a …… (profession)”. If engaged in a conversation, the person may reveal more details about himself/herself. Like, where they live, their marital status, do they have kids or not etc… The more deeper it gets the person may talk about his/her interests, their beliefs and so on.

A brand is no less. It carries a set of characteristics, emotions, attributes, beliefs, values and benefits. Along with that is the promise it makes to it’s audience. You see the similarity? A brand is more than a name, logo & a business / product. It is built to influence, inspire and even reflect it’s audience. When the brand is built on just the bare minimum the answer to the question “Who are you?” most likely would be, “No idea”.

“Who are you?” has a direct connection to how the identity and expression of the brand is established. Logo design, graphic design, animation, website, digital marketing, social media marketing, advertising and so on are necessary tools / channels but they are only meant to express the brand and help fulfil it’s objectives. Without a clear answer to the question ‘who are you’, these amazing tools cannot do justice. In the process of brand building, creative and marketing professionals are left to add their own interpretation of what the brand is. That results in either a hollow or inconsistent identity & expression.

There are cases where businesses build a great brand strategy but fails to execute the brand identity and expression well. Sometimes the whole process of branding is done extremely well but areas like operations, sales and customer support do not reflect ‘who they are’. These factors can be disastrous for the overall identity and perception of the brand.

Having said that, developing and defining your brand is a must for every product / business, whether small or big. It not only helps in differentiating and creating distinctive identity but also gives a clear direction for business, branding and marketing efforts.

So, do YOU know who you are? If yes, do THEY know who you are?